From President
Natalie Gonterman
Hello Optimists:
June has arrived and we’re having some nice, sunny days, at last. Our Club has lots of activities scheduled, and we hope that many of our members will be able to join in. Darrel did a wonderful job of ordering our new OCL hoodies and sweatshirts, and handed many of them out to members at the Boardroom Friday, May 21st. Our club will participate again at Western Welcome Week, Saturday, August 21st, and we’ll be hoping many of you will sign up for shifts.   Please join the Annual "It's All About The Kids" Golf Tournament at Arrowhead Golf Course June 21st
Thanks to all of you who contribute. Let’s keep it going.
We are looking forward to our Installation Banquet at Columbine Country Club on Saturday, September 18th. We’re hoping to have the great Dave Aguilera as our guest host again, and the auction will feature our Club’s two tickets to the Broncos-Chiefs game on Sunday, January 9th.
 We’re still in the early stages and will keep you posted on developments.
At this time, we’re making plans for our return to traditional “in-person” member meetings at the Boardroom Restaurant starting on Friday, September 10th. Students and teachers will be back in school, members are back from vacations, etc.
Stay optimistic! Natalie