From President
Natalie Gonterman
Greetings Optimists! I thank each of you who have “hung in” with us through this pandemic, and helped our club continue to serve our community, schools and children. I thank our Board of Directors for each of their contributions to our club. Jerry Krause and Jordan Goray have been indispensable in our zoom meetings and scheduling guest speakers. I have enjoyed serving as your President, and the Board has indicated that it would like for me to serve another term, which I will be happy to do. We still have many projects before us. Please contribute to the Shiloh Golf Tournament which is described on this page. Thanks to George and Connie Ackerman for their great work with the Shiloh House boys. Thanks to Ralph Dergance for his coordination with the elementary schools with the “BEE” (Best Efforts Everyday) and with the Rockies vs Brewers game on June 20 with 60 seats and 10 for the Shiloh House boys.
Thanks to all of you who contribute. Let’s keep it going.
Stay optimistic! Natalie