The Optimist Club of Littleton is dedicated to “Bringing Out the Best in Kids” and in doing so, the club actively fundraises to support making an impact with today’s youth. The funds raised go to fund the following important projects:

  • Sending kids from East Elementary to Calwood Camps each year
  • Purchasing helmets for Bicycle Safety programs in elementary schools
  • Providing awards and coveted shirts to students at East, Field, and Columbine Hills elementary schools for the Bringing Up Grades (BUG) program
  • Hosting kids from the Shiloh House at Rockies games
  • Awarding winners in the essay and oratorical contests

Financial support for the community is raised in various ways:

Installation Banquet and Silent Auction:
In September the club holds a banquet to install its new officers. We do this in cooperation with several other local Optimist Clubs. Members of all the clubs donate items to be part of a silent auction at this event. All proceeds from the auction go to the clubs that have supplied the particular items for auction for support of youth activities.

 Brats and  'Dogs

At the Western Welcome Week Parade in August, the club has a booth at which brats and hotdogs are sold. Member volunteers operate all phases of the preparation, selling and clean up. Again, all money that exceeds the cost goes to the club youth activity fund..


Flag Program:
Local merchants contribute money to the club for a holiday flag service. Member volunteers then place an American flag in front of the merchants’ business places in the morning of each of the ten holidays included and take it down and store it the evening of that day.

Bowling Tournament:
Each year the club holds a bowling tournament to support the outdoor education Calwood project at East Elementary School in Littleton. Members put together bowling teams of other members, friends and family, pay the entry fee and go bowl. All proceeds above expenses go to the Calwood project.  


King Soopers Gift Card:
A member buys a King Soopers gift card from the club treasurer. The member can use the gift card to buy groceries, prescriptions, gas, or anything at King Soopers but not other types of gift cards. The member then “recharges” the card and the club receives 5% of the recharge value back. Needless to say, many of the club members shop at King Soopers and it brings in dollars for the club.

Donations from Community Business:
We are proud to have several businesses financially support club projects and welcome future donations.